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Throughout the year oikos Graz is engaged in various projects to introduce the matter of sustainable economics and responsible management into the university. The goal is to encourage future leaders of any field to think and act sustainably. 

Re-Think Festival
oikos Talks
LEAP 4 Chapters
Spring Meeting – 20 years anniversary
Curriculum Change Initiative
Cloth Swap Party

What it is

The ReThink Festival shows ways out of consumerism. One week with talks, workshops, documentary evening and the ReThink fair in person at the Quartier Leech.

How you can contribute

  • Organizing team
    Be part of the managing team and help preparing this multifaceted event.
  • Participant’s service
    Be part of our on-site team. You will be the first who gets in contact with participants, speakers and company represantatives.

Curriculum Change

One of oikos’ main goals is to integrate sustainability into universities’ curricula. Related to this, the Curriculum Change campaign was about explaining what curriculum change is and providing insights into our curriculum projects. 

Therefore we demonstrated how oikos Graz fosters the transformation of economics and management studies. Followers were encouraged to engage in curriculum change activities through a short survey, talks and discussions with professors and fellow students. 

Another way to participate was through student initiatives, which represented the needs of students and promoted educational transformation projects. Attendees had the chance to participate in academic offers on sustainability and share their opinion. 

Study Survey

Since the goal of Curriculum Change is to improve the education to strengthen the awareness and knowledge towards sustainability among local students. This survey gives everyone the opportunity to active taking part to drive the change. The results are presented to university authorities and can lead to suitable adaptations and changes.

Education for school

We are shaped from an early age. That’s why it is crucial to start with the education in school. Providing pupils insides of what we learned at university and share the knowledge with them will shape the awareness of each of them to prepare them for our complex economy, society and world.

Education School

ReThink festival

From 19. – 24. October 2021 the second ReThink Festival in Graz will take place at Leechgasse 24. Once again we would like to pick up the topic of sustainability and have another great reThink talk with experts, a flea market for books, a cooking workshop and more! For registration just click below.

The ReThink Festival was a five-days event and as the theme already suggests, it was all about the “RE-“. According to the motto “repair, reduce, reuse & recycle” the festival’s program contained a flea market for books, a talk a cooking class using ingredients that were saved from being thrown away, a movie night presenting the film “Real Value”, a bicycle repair class and a clothes exchange event. 

For organizing the ReThink Festival oikos Graz partnered up with books4life and the Katholische Hochschulgemeinde in Graz. Since it was very well visited despite the current circumstances there will be a second ReThink Festival with the focus on sustainable food and industries.

oikos Talks offers a discussion forum to provide information on sustainable topics by bringing experts together with inquisitive people who want to broaden their horizons. Our team reaches out for experts from the academical, economical and political field. With that we are trying to ensure a holistic view and a suspenseful basis on different subject matter.

Oikos Talks

What’s next? ↓

Online Campaigne

Through our online campaigne we strive for more awareness in those following topics:

Our Christmas Calender includes 24 hacks/tips how to either DIY presents or offering different ideas to share.  

Through our cooking workshop “WieGan” we want to show different yummy recipes and at the same time increase the awareness of the effect of food consumption on the environment. Project start WS 2021 – Join the team!

With Curriculum Change we aim a transformation in education to include more sustainable courses to the curriculum of all field of studies. 


Our marketing team consists of 7 members and take care of facebook, instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter. 

oikos book club

With our oikos book club project we would like to encourage everyone who is interested in broaden their horizon with us and want to join our (online) meetings (every two weeks) to meet like-minded people and participate in interesting discussions about different sustainability-related topics. 

oikos fit

On the one hand oikos fit is a great way to connect our oikees with one another to provide them the opportunity to have fun and simultaneously working out for their body and improve their mental health. On the other hand it can be a source of financial income to sustain oikos Graz in the long run.

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