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Throughout the year oikos Graz is engaged in various projects to introduce the matter of sustainable economics and responsible management into the university. The goal is to encourage future leaders of any field to think and act sustainably. 

One of oikos’ main goals is to integrate sustainability into universities’ curricula. The complexity of the current challenges our economy and world is dealing with can not be solved by a hand full of disciplines. What we need it collaboration, interdisciplinary approaches, and responsible leadership. With Transforming Education we set the focus where future leaders and managers are created – at Universities – and address one of the main contributors to positive change – education.

Check out our Curriculum Change campaign to better understand what curriculum change is and get to know our curriculum projects. 


Study Survey

The goal of Transforming Education is to improve the education system and to strengthen the awareness and knowledge about sustainability among local students. This survey gave everyone the opportunity to actively take part in driving for change in academia.

The results are presented to university authorities and provide a basis for discourse and negotiations.

In 2022 we had the pleasure to host the annual International Chapter Conference in Graz and celebrate our 20th anniversary. The ICC is an annual meeting of all oikos chapters. The host chapter organizes different workshops, discussions and excursions for their guests. Besides the learning aspect, we provide a space to re-connect with the international network, exchange knowledge, and reinforce the team spirit. 

ReThink festival

Every fall oikos Graz, books4life, KHG and many other local #changemakers host the annual ReThink Festival in Graz. The festival goes over 5 days and offers a colorful program starting with workshops and cooking sessions to movie-streaming nights. As the title already suggests, it is all about the “RE” – reuse, reduce, & repair.  It is a great chance to have fun while learning new skills, discover creative DIYs, and meet interesting people! 

Rethink Festival

What is cooking in the world of sustainability? What do you want to talk about? Or, what do we not talk enough about? Whatever it is, we cover it!

Our oikos Talks team is curious, creative, & critical. In a setting of panel discussions, online talks, pop up talks or poetry slams we make sure that your questions are answered & that the complicated language of sustainability is translated in everyone’s language. We bring together experts with inquisitive people who want to broaden their horizons. Our team reaches out for experts from the academical, economical, civil and political field. With that we are trying to ensure a holistic view and a suspenseful basis on different aspects of sustainability, economy, and businesses.

What is the easiest way to communicate and raise awareness? Social Media, of course. Through creative and engaging campaigns we share facts, provide useful life-hacks and engage with our #changemakers community.

Check out our Instagram or LinkedIn and find out more about our campaigns.

oikos book club

With our oikos Book Club project we would like to encourage everyone who is interested in broadening their horizon with us and want to join our (online) meetings (every two weeks) to meet like-minded people and participate in interesting discussions about different sustainability-related topics. 

oikos Book Club

oikos social

Our community is what makes us thrive. oikos Social is dedicated to our members and everyone from our community who wants to connect. We want to create a greater sense of belonging to a bigger network and make sure that everyone working with us feels good and healthy. With oikos Social we plan different activities to strengthen out mental health, our fitness, or simply to hang out and have a good time. There is a variety of possibilities and fun activities you can choose from. Everyone is welcome to join.

oikos Social

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