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Together with the help of the local and international community, we set up a unique program of events to encourage sustainable thinking. 

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18.-22. OKTOBER 2021

ReThink Festival




wie retten wir die artenvielfalt?

Onlinevorführung und Diskussionsrunde


6 pm




RE-Think Festival - oikos talk

To kick off this years re-Think festival, oikos Graz invites you to our first talk of the year.

Quartier Leech, 8010 Graz

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RE-Think Festival

From 18. – 22. October 2021 the second ReThink Festival in Graz will take place at Leechgasse 24. Once again we would like to pick up the topic of sustainability and have another great reThink talk with experts, a flea market for books, a cooking workshop and more! 

Quartier Leech, 8010 Graz

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Semester Opening

We are going to start into a new semester with you! 
Join us for drinks and more at SchubertNest – The more the merrier!






Oikos conference

21-24 October
Rethink to React – The Conference 2021 informs, envisions solutions and invites everyone to take action.

St. gallen, Switzerland

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What happened so far...

semester opening - ss 2021


You are looking for an extra-curricula activity? Sustainability is your top priority? You want to meet like minded people, have fun AND make a difference? Make sure you don’t miss out our next Semest Opening – it’s the perfect chance to get an idea about oikos Graz and our project. But best of it, you get to meet a bunch of great, creative and innovative people!

oikos talks presents

oikos Talks first serie of talks. Throughout the semester we talked about the challenges and changes of the business world in 2021. Together with experts of different filed we tackled subjects such as sustainable finance, new opportunities through AI, and innovative and sustainable ways to reform our economy.

A panel of four top speakers introduced us to the challenges and issues concerning the human rights along the value chain. We had the pleasure to host experts from VW, Makava, Agentur für Nachhaltigkeit und Südwind.

Sustainable Finance – never estimate the accumulated impact it can have to make a small change or switch! We joinde forces with experts from the Tomorrow Bank

Who doesn’t like travelling, combining it sustainably will enhance the whole experience!

A green new deal - oikos book club

once a week

oikos Books Club provides a safe space to discuss, exchange and growth!

Rethink Festival 2020

19.-24. Oktober 2020,quartier leech

The first ReThink Festival in Graz in cooperation with books4life & KHG

Kleidertausch Parties


Giving away what doesn’t spark joy to you but increases the happiness level of another person!

oikos Fit kick off


Getting fit together connects, is fun and increases productivity!

Semester Closing 2021


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