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Together with the help of the local and international community, we set up a unique program of events to encourage sustainable thinking. 

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🌟 Join us for an inspiring talk on the crucial role of higher education in tackling climate change! 🧠💡🎓🌱📚🌍 Discover which role higher education plays in driving the transformation towards a more sustainable future and how we, as students, lecturers, and researchers, can implement changes at our university to amplify our impact. 🧐🎓🌱📚🤝🌍


🌱🎓 Let’s unite to explore how we can incorporate learning about sustainability into all fields of education! No matter whether we talk about physics, linguistics, or law. We need everyone to achieve a change! 🥳 👏🌱 🧑‍🔬 🗣️ 👩‍⚖️

In the following days, we will share the online link in our Instagram and Facebook stories. 🔗  You will also find it in our Facebook and LinkedIn events. Don’t forget to share this opportunity with your friends, fellow students, etc. 🗣️🙌

As always, we invited interesting experts and activists from different fields:

👉 Prof. Dr. Ulrike-Maria Gelbmann is a Senior Post-Doc and Lecturer at the Department of Environmental Systems Sciences & Global Studies, Chair of the Curricula Committee of the Master’s Program Global Studies, and Member of the Scientific Board of Scientists for Future Austria.

👉 Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Karl Steininger is a Professor of Climate Economics and Sustainable Transition at the Wegener Center for Climate and Global Change, University of Graz. He also serves as the Wegener Center’s director.

👉 Priv. Doz. Dr. Federico Italiano is a poet, translator, editor, literary critic, researcher, and lecturer. In one of his guest lectures at the University of Graz, he teaches about translation as a key activity in political, social and academic reflections of anthropogenic climate change.

👉 Manuel Pirker is an activist from Erde Brennt.

👉 Marek Hubbell is an activist from Fridays for Future.

We are looking forward to seeing you there! 😍

Your oikos Transforming Education Team  💙

Location: University of Graz, Room: HS 111.21 (Beethovenstraße 8) or Online (The link will be announced soon!)

Target group: everyone interested in the topic!

7 pm - 9:30 pm (CET)



📢 The time is approaching, and we are excited to announce our 🥁 Semester Opening on Monday 23rd, 2023! 🗓️🥳🙌💃🌿

Do you care about the planet and want to create a meaningful difference? 🚀🌿🌍💚

oikos Graz is a student-led organization focusing on Sustainability, Responsible Leadership, and Sustainable Management based in Graz, the capital of Austria´s green heart. 💚 🇦🇹 As a non-profit organization, we build on a strong foundation of volunteers with different academic orientations. What unites us is the common drive to create a more sustainable economy and responsible businesses. We don’t focus only on the economic sector but try to promote sustainability in all areas with a need.

We inform, educate, and transform academia for a more sustainable future! 🙌🌿🌍🧐

Our current projects are Transforming Education, oikos Talks, Sustainable Marketing & Sustainability Promotion, oikos Lab, Women in Sustainability, Sustainable Finance, Accounting & Controlling, Book Club and Responsible Leadership. If you have any other project ideas, please get in touch with us. 🧠 💡 🌿

At oikos Graz, we have developed many projects from their roots to their blossoming. 🌱

In our Opening Semester, you will have the opportunity to meet our members and learn more about our projects, values, mission, and what awaits us this semester. 😍🙌👥🌿

ℹ️ If you would like to know more about this or have any further questions in this regard, please do not hesitate to contact us at

ℹ️ You can find more information about our projects by visiting our website or social media pages.

ℹ️ The Semester Opening will take place on: 

     🗓️ Monday 23rd, 2023 at                                                                                           🕖 7 pm at                                                                                                                   📍 SchubertNest, Elisabethstraße 27

We are looking forward to meeting you in person! 💙

Location: SchubertNest, Elisabethstraße 27

Target group: everyone interested in working at oikos, no matter from which University

7 pm - 9:30 pm (CEST)

What happened so far...

Uniting for a Greener Future: The Impactful Alliance of oikos Graz and the EU for the EU Green Week 2023 - Empowering the Movement for a Sustainable Future

In line with the Year of Competences, the partner events focused this year on the theme of competencies for sustainable, resilient, and socially fair communities. 

Throughout Europe, partner events were organized by schools, universities, NGOs, government agencies, etc. These events are designed to raise awareness of the importance of environmental protection and the promotion of sustainable lifestyles and to educate people. 

We held two workshops and a talk/discussion on three separate days during EU Green Week.

Digitization and sustainability are considered to be the greatest challenges in the 21st century, but the connection between the two topics has so far received little attention. At our workshop "Aus- und Einwirkungen der Digitalisierung auf Umwelt und Gesellschaft" which we held in German, the influences of digitization on society and the environment were addressed and discussed in depth in an interactive part. 

Climate change is not gender-neutral. It has a disproportionate impact on women and girls worldwide due to existing gender inequalities and power structures. The talk / discussion "Women & Climate Change" not only critically discussed the gender-specific risks of the climate crisis for women and girls, but also how gender equality can be one of the solutions. 

In order to advance global challenges, we need certain skills and qualities to meet them. The Inner Development Goals fill exactly this gap! 

In the workshop "Navigating Complexity through the Inner Development Goals" our goal was to give an overview of the IDGs, why we need to develop these inner dimensions and dive deeper into IDG Thinking.      

We reflected on our thinking skills and how they apply them to our own situations, as well as the opportunities they can offer us to gain these skills and how we can use IDG Thinking to drive change in our daily lives (personal and professional).    

In addition to theoretical input, participants will have the opportunity to deepen these skills in interactive activities.

Cooperation with the first Geco-festival!

We are very grateful to the Geco-Festival Team for the opportunity to participate in the first Grazer Eco Festival (Geco)-Festival 2023 celebrated in June at the Sustainable Shopping Market and to offer the Workshop "Becoming a Sinnflunencer:in"! 

Recently the date for the next Geco-Festival was published and will take place again next year from June 14th - 16th, 2023 at the main square in Graz (Hauptplatz). We are very excited to participate in next year's Geco-Festival! We have this weekend already well noted on our calendar! 

The last Geco-Festival was a great experience to be able to network with people, inform them about what we do at oikos, and a valuable opportunity to get inputs through a list we made to improve projects or collect new project ideas through the general public. We will make sure that all project ideas and improvements will be implemented in the coming winter semester. 

semester opening - SS 2023

At the beginning of each semester we open our doors to curious minds & show you what we are working on

once a week - dates will be announced during the new term

Quartier Leech

Mental-, Physical- and Social Health

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