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We manage the social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn) as well as this website, and develop and execute creative communication strategies.

Through our creative and engaging campaigns, we share facts, provide helpful life hacks, and engage with our #changemakers community.


Social Media is more than cute cat pics and travel posts. Used in a responsible and meaningfulway it can be a powerful tool to raise awareness and inspire others.

Through the creation of fact-based content and information about what we do at oikos, we aim to inspire others and create awareness so that our community takes sustainable action to initiate changes in its professional and private everyday life.




To grow our community and keep them informed not only about sustainability but also about the exciting things happening at oikos.




glimpse into our past projects

Support your local dealer

The goal of this campaign was to introduce ways on how to support local shops in Graz, In particular during the pandemic, supporting the local economy was shown to be crucial to keep small businesses alive. It also gave us the chance to discover the hidden & green treasures of our city. 

Sustainable Travel

A campaign about travel alternatives and the concept of sustainable travel. What should the future of travel look like? For this purpose we hit the road and discovered the world of sustainable tourism for you.

Christmas Calender

For this campaign oikos Graz collaborated with oikos Vienna and created a Christmas calender that did not only feature many ideas regarding sustainable ways of celebrating the most wonderful time of the year but also offered chances to win amazing prizes. The first give-away was an “All Natural Travel Mini Set” by Eccoverde Store Graz.

Sustainable Finance

This campaign aimed at financial awareness. Do we know how our savings are invested? What happens to the money we entrust to our banks? What if our financial institutions are supporting deforestation, the weapon industry, or environmentally harmful projects with our money?

While we are putting lots of effort into adjusting our habits to a more sustainable lifestyle, the impact our savings have is often neglected.

sustainable finance

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