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The well-being and personal growth of our team members are our highest priorities. As advocates for a more sustainable and responsible business world, we put a high emphasize on the social aspect of sustainable development and engage in a variety activities to promote this type of leadership and work culture. We lead by example!


Especially, in the field of activism and voluntary work, people are very passionate about what they do. While this is what keeps us going and growing, it can also lead to overworking oneself. In our field, we are also confronted with negative news, unpleasant facts, and ignorance. That can be quite frustrating. Therefore, we practice an open communication culture, where every issue, challenge, or fear has its right to exist. Through different workshops, team meetings or other dedicated gatherings, we make sure that everyone is heard and that we can provide support.

team building

oikos Graz is, what its members make out of it. Our broad range of expertise comes through our team members. We practice a strict ‘everyone-is-welcome’ policy. Meaning that our team is build out of people from different academic fields, with different degrees, backgrounds, priorities and nationalities. To make sure that we can build on that divers portfolio of game changers, we frequently engage in team building activities. This reaches from actual workshops, leadership training, and reflection sessions to movie nights, relaxed nights out and team parties. Yes, we like to party – sustainably, of course!

Team Building

physical Health

With programs like oikos Fit we make sure that our oikees stay healthy and fit next to all their engagement and academic responsibilities. Working as an volunteer next to your studies can be quite time intense, therefore, we regularly invite for joint workouts such as konga, yoga, HIIT, circle training, running, spike ball, boulder sessions or whatever our oikees want to do.  
oikos Fit

Social Health

Let’s not forget about the social aspects of voluntary and community work. We love to spend time with like minded people, hand out and engage in fun activities with team members and everyone who is up for having a good time.

oikos social

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