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What is oikos graz?

oikos Graz is a local chapter of oikos international, a student-led non-profit organization. Together we work for sustainable economics and responsible management. Our chapter is based at the KFU Graz, but open to all students from any university in Graz. Our team of student-volunteers is engaged in different projects and events throughout the year to promote sustainability through education.

We inform, we educate and we transform academia towards sustainability.

We work Locally and internationally

Projects And Events

Sustainability matters for all study programs. We work hard for the inclusion of sustainability in various curricula.

Transforming Education

This annual sustainability event happens in collaboration with several local players

Rethink Festival

participate in various sports and fitness activities. Yoga, Fitness, Running and more
From oikees, for oikees and non-oikees

oikos Fit

we created an educational platform through lively discussions. Each talk benefits from a professional set up of experts from different fields. The aim is to inform, educate, and create awareness.

Meet & Read ! Our book club is open to each and everyone who love to discuss and think critically.

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Upcoming events

Projects, Events and More…

Stay tuned about ongoing projects within and around oikos Graz.


17 - 22



Our motto this year: Party! 

Due to covid celebrating together became harder and harder. We want to change that and offer workshops all around the topic sustainability in the party context.

Safe the dates & visit us in the beautiful city of Graz! 


Registration is coming soon!

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Food, Health & Lifestyle

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Sustainable Business

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Connect, engage, collaborate

How to find us

Your local partner for responsible leadership, sustainable economics, and academic transformation.

oikos Graz – Studierende für Nachhaltigkeit
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