We are oikos Graz

Founded in 2002 at KFU Graz – 
about 20 active members.
We work on projects and events to
promote sustainability,
create awareness
& transform academia!

oikos Graz is a student-led organization based in Graz. As a non-profit organization, we build on a strong foundation of volunteers with different academic orientations. What unites us is the common drive to create a more sustainable economy and responsible businesses. Together we shape the academic world for a more sustainable future.


We are part of oikos International

The map shows the oikos international network.

oikos Graz is a subchapter of oikos International, a global student organization. Since 1987 oikos International has been engaged in projects for a sustainable economy across the world. Today, it includes 50 active student-led groups in countries all over Europe, the Americas, and Asia.


What we do

We draw attention to ecological questions and conflicts. Our projects and events create awareness and inform about sustainable alternatives to contemporary issues. Education is at the center of our work. Therefore we set impulses there, where the managers and leaders of tomorrow are made – at universities and schools. Through our events and projects such as talks, workshops, webinars, movie nights, Design Thinking Challenges and many more we shape an early understanding for the complex ecological, social, and economic challenges of the 21st century. To achieve this, we are in close contact with the University of Graz and other schools and local organizations.

Our Team


Becoming an oikee

Our planet and the environment are dear to you? You are burning to contribute in creating a more sustainable future economy?  You love to think outside the box and are ready to look at the subject of sustainability from different angles? You have some spare time and energy next to your studies?Then becoming an oikee is exactly what you are looking for.

Being an oikee means making a difference, regardless of your academic background. We value diversity and multidisciplinarity. Every member of oikos Graz is making an impact while doing what they love or know best. Positive side-effect – through our hands-on  projects and the broad range of coaching programms, oikees develop important skills that they will benefit from throughout their whole career.

Get in touch with us and find out more about the various ways you can be part of oikos Graz! 

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How to find us

Your local partner for responsible leadership, sustainable economics, and academic transformation.

oikos Graz – Studierende für Nachhaltigkeit
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