Looking for a purposeful activity next to your studies? Sustainability really matters to you and you want to change things for the better? You are ready to commit, either as a full member, or do you want to pop in once in a while, working on short term projects?

We are looking forward to meeting you!  

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Individuality & Diversity

oikos Graz is as strong as its team is. We value individuality & diversity. You bring the idea, we connect you with like-minded people who are ready to team up.

Activism & Curricula Shaping

Our work and activism for a more sustainable future is at the heart of oikos Graz. By creating awareness, a broad range of projects & events we shape the mindset of our fellow colleagues & university stuff.


Probaby one of the most demanded skill on the job market today. Get to know the leader in you through a project lead, coaching programms or team building events. 

international Network

Benefit from the international oikos community. A global network of like-minded students is just waiting for you to reach out. Only together we can go big

Community & Fun

Don’t forget to have fun. As a student volunteer life can get pretty busy sometimes – we all are aware of that. oikos Graz offers different community activities & get togethers, where you can meet the team in a relaxed & fun atmosphere.

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How to find us

Your local partner for responsible leadership, sustainable economics, and academic transformation.

oikos Graz – Studierende für Nachhaltigkeit
IBAN: AT71 2081 5000 4388 3792