20th Anniversary of oikos Graz

21.-24. APRIL 2022 | GRAZ


Small People - Big systems: how can you be the change?

20 years of oikos Graz!
We have reason enough to celebrate. Therefore, we invite you to our beautiful hometown Graz, Austria for this year's International Chapter Conference.

International Chapter Conference

“We are changing the system from inside and with the awareness that we are a part of it”

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What to expect...

day 1 - Thursday

oikos international

Welcome to Graz, the home base of our chapter. On day 1 we will welcome our international guests, help them settle in and take the time to re-connect.

day 2 - Friday

I - Individual

Join us on a very personal journey. Day 2 focuses on the ‘individual’. We kick off the day with playful activities and an opening ceremony. You will have the chance to participate in interactive workshops as well as listen to interesting lectures. 

day 3 - Saturday

You - Surrounding

Change doesn’t come easy, it requires active work that is often connected with challenges. Day 3 focuses on our surroundings and the different aspects of sustainable transformation. Through talks and workshops, we will learn about the challenges of sustainable endeavors and how to overcome them.

day 4 - Sunday

US - network

From small to big – latest on day 4 we will realize that we aren’t alone in this. This day is dedicated to ‘US’- We will hear from game-changers across the world about their endeavors and successes.
There will be time scheduled to reflect on the conference, leave some impactful traces, and enjoy the energy of the network!


The workshops on Saturday take place silmutaniously. You can already sign up for the workshop of your choice during the registration. At the end of the workshop sessions, participants will share their learnings with the rest of the conference attendees.

Workshop 1

Stephan Ziegler, founder of Eddi bike will provide you with some real case challenges of his start-up,develop some solution strategies together with you and give you insights into the entrepreneurial world and what is happening there.

Workshop 2

Agota Szendrei, an experienced consultant, will give inputs on what sustainability means in the consulting sector and work with you in small groups using different creative methods to harvest some ideas on how to solve current challenges that we are facing.

Workshop 3

Felicitas Karpf, manager of books4life  will dive into the challenges of NGOs and examine some strategies on how to overcome those.

Workshop 4

Tomas Santa Maria, a Senior Researcher in Business Model Innovation at Know-Center and Ph.D. candidate at the University of Graz, will give you a business case that requires circular solutions. Together with other participants, you will ‘run’ the Circular Sprint, come up with the Circular Business Model and leave the workshop with a new skill – circular thinking

Workshop 5

Stephen Snider, Sustainable Finance Lead at oikos International will introduce you to the topic of sustainable finance and the toolkit he was working on.

Workshop 6

Michael Winter, project manager of Transforming Education, oikos International will show you the importance of storytelling and how to enhance change by articulating and formulating new narratives.

Workshop 7

Mariana and Max, members of Students for Future will discuss the relevance of political activism and take a critical look at current structures, ways to mobilise, and to organise. They will show you how we can overcome certain obstacles through the power of reflection.

Workshop 8

Peter Supper, a member of Fridays for Future  will work you through the key role of Rail in achieving climate goals. This workshop will discuss the key changes that need to happen in the next 10-15 years to enable rail to compete with low-cost airlines and other more polluting options.


The ICC is our annual International Chapter Conference. oikos International is made up of 50 chapters around the world. Once a year we gather in one of our chapter’s home town, to re-connect and educate ourselves. This year, because of the oikos Graz jubilee – 20 years of oikos Graz – we have the honor to invite our fellow oikees and alumni to Graz. Beyond that, the ICC is an event that focuses on the topic of sustainability with all its aspects, provides activites and workshops to develop, grow, and learn. The goal is that after the event we all go home stronger than we came, ready to make even a greater impact in this world, as it is our mission to positively transform our future economy and how we lead companies.

The ICC is, with some exceptions, open to everyone. As a student from the KFU or other Universities of Graz you are more than welcome to join all of the program points beginning with April, 22nd. Day 1, the International Day is reserved for oikos members, as is the Alumni Homecoming on April, 23rd. 

No, the ICC is free of charge to every participant. This is possible thanks to our partners and all the dedicated volunteers that make this event happening.

If you travel from abroad, please let us know via the registration form as soon as possible. We try our best to find you a couch in the home of a local Graz student or an oikee. For the remaining people we try to cover their accomodation costs. Please note that here counts ‘Who comes first, gets served first’ as we only have a limited budget for this.

Yes, every volunteer gets a certificate if they helped us out during the conference. Some study programs might even accept the certificate for some practical hours.

If you are a local student and want to support us with the execution of our conference you can send us an email at communication@graz.oikos-international.org or register for the conference and leave us a note there. 

Normal registration is open until April, 15th 2022. Registration for people in need of accomodation ends with 31.03.2022. If you are still in need of accomodation even after the deadline please contact us directly at communication@graz.oikos-international.org

For attendees traveling from abroad we offer accomodation. Therefore, it is necessary to register before the 31.03.2022. It is still possible to register for the conference after that deadline, however, we won’t be able to provide accomodation anymore.

In order to participate in our conference you need to register. During the registration you can select one of the eight workshops we offer on DAY 3. Apart from that you can also include if you need accomodation or if you are willing to host international students. Plus, you can let us know if you need anything else or some special support upon arriving.

Once you register you will receive your ticket and further information about the conference. Please be patient as we are working on hight speed to get back to you ASAP.

Feel free to participate in as many program points as you wish. With your registration we safe you a spot in the workshop of your choice, everything else is up to you. 

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