One of oikos’ main goals is to integrate sustainability into universities’ curricula. The complexity of the current challenges our economy and world is dealing with cannot be solved by a hand full of disciplines. What we need is collaboration, interdisciplinary approaches, and responsible leadership. With Transforming Education we set the focus where future leaders and managers are created – at Universities – and address one of the main contributors to positive change – education.


Created a "basic module sustainability"

Together with the Regional Centre of Expertise Graz- Styria we created a  “basic module sustainability” that is open to all students and study programs. The main aim is to educate students on sustainable development and its different dimensions, starting from the basics. 

Lectures in Introductory Courses

Invited by Professor Rybnicek from the Department of Corporate Leadership and Entrepreneurship oikos holds a lecture on sustainability business for the course “Introduction to Business Administration” in which roughly 600 students are enrolled. This way we can create awareness on the importance of this topic so that students when they start their study program know, what possibilities there might be later on. Also we are currently striving to enhance this corporation with other institutes from the university. 

Study Survey

The goal of Transforming Education is to improve the education system and to strengthen the awareness and knowledge about sustainability among local students. This survey gave everyone the opportunity to take an active part in driving change in academia.

The results are presented to university authorities and provide a basis for discourse and negotiations.

333 students participated in our study. As a result, we learned that Environmental students felt overwhelmingly well prepared. The non – Environmental students felt with roughly 42% as if they are partly well prepared and parts bad prepared. 

If you want to learn more about our survey and the results, that are motivation for our future and currently ongoing projects, here is our survey end report. The english translation will come in the near future. 

Do you think that you are well prepared for the future challenges to come?

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oikos Graz is a not-for-profit organization and oikees do all their work voluntary. If you want to support our efforts in transforming education system in Graz, feel free to reach out to us via finance@graz.oikos-international.org or make a direct transfer via IBAN: AT71 2081 5000 4388 3792 (oikos Graz – Studierende für Nachhaltigkeit). 

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